Trail Rides

Over 200 acres of the most serene trails with small streams, babbling brooks and miniature water falls. Rides follow well groomed and mapped trails across open fields and managed woodlands, rich in animal and plant life. Don’t be surprised by Deer standing a few feet away, ‘people watching’, as you ride past. Our rides are tailored to the comfort level each group, with a variety of different horses and trails. We will pick the horse for you based on your ability. All rides go at the speed of the least comfortable rider to keep it safe and enjoyable for everyone.

The fall colours will take your breath away! Contact Serenity Acres to book in advance.

Weekend Group Rides Run:

*10:00am          *1:00pm          *3:00pm

Space can only be guaranteed when booked ahead. Private rides can also be booked via phone or email.

1 Hour trail Rides  $35.00  (+ HST = $40.25)

Adult ½ Day  Ride  $60 (+ HST = $69.00)-    1/2 day Morning or afternoon trail ride. When you return from your first ride feel free to use the pool house kitchen to prepare snacks, drinks or a hot lunch. Use the pool or hot tub before venturing out on your second ride.

 Day Camps

Receive a 10% discount when you register for weekly attendance for our  weekend camps.

Day camps begin at 9:00am and end at 4:00pm. Ages range from 8 years through to 18. The day begins with basic horse care and continues with groundwork training, tacking up, riding lessons, trail rides, swimming, safety / first aid training, games and craft activities. Our staff strive to be a positive influence in the lives of our youth by reinforcing good character traits such as respect, honesty and integrity both at home and in school. Prepare to have fun and leave tired. Day Camp $75 per day **No Tax on Day Camps under 15 years of age**

Full Day Camp ($75.00  ,tax exempt under 15 yrs of age)

Full Day Camp ($75.00 plus HST 15 yrs and over = $86.25)

1/2 Day Camp ($ 50.00, tax exempt under 15 yrs of age)

1/2 Day Camp ($50.00 + HST  15 yrs and over = $57.50)


Our instructors’ goal is to help riders become comfortable with their horse on the ground and in the saddle. Our goal for each rider is to improve confidence by making a connection with the horse they are working with. To help each student learn to ride safely and have a good time. Each lesson is tailored to the students’ level.


CHA Certified Level III Dressage

CHA Certified Level 1 Western

1 Hour Private Lesson ($40.00 + HST = 46.00)

1 Hour Group Lesson Per Rider ( $35.00 + HST = 40.25)

1/2 Hour Lesson ($25 + HST = 28.75)

What to bring?

Picking appropriate clothing will make the ride much more comfortable. We suggest wearing full length pants and boots with a small heel.

During winter rides we use wool socks, insulated boots, long underwear or snow pants, hats, toques, insulated gloves and winter coats.

Horse Rules

All people using the facilities must sign a waiver releasing Serenity Acres Family Ranch of liability. Helmets are mandatory and are supplied. You may bring your own approved riding helmet. Bicycle and hockey helmets are designed for those sports and are not suitable for riding.
No sandals.
Riders never enter stalls without a staff member

No smoking and No Dogs on the farm or on the trails for the protection of our animals and our clients

And the most important rule ***Always treat the animals with respect and a gentle hand***

Booking and Payment Policies

A 50% deposit is required for all Groups and Parties at the time of booking to reserve the date and time. Deposits are non-refundable.

All prices are subject to Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).